"city vs city" winner 2020

This past Saturday 05. September 2020 was the 5th Anniversary of the "City vs City" Breaking Battle.

Thun brought the titel back for the 3rd time!

Super proud of you guys!

Congrats to our own:

Michael "Ez Mike" Zurflüh

Aaron "F-Arrow" Lannutti

Miro von Niederhäusern

Mike Lam

Thun culture award 2020

Jessica "Jazzy Jes" Rieben receives the "Thun Culture Award 2020"

As a dancer, as an artist and for all her social and diverse engagement & work in the filed of culture.


We are proud that she is the fist from the Hip Hop Culture to getting this award in our city.


happy anniversary "the yard"

Summerbreak is over

*Änderungen im Stundenplan vorbehalten
*Änderungen im Stundenplan vorbehalten

stay busy-Activity

Stay Busy-Activity
In a time like this, it’s important that artists support eachother and that we keep being activ and creativ.

Your Part:
-Download the „THE YARD“-Piece
-Print it out and do the fill in as you like
-Post it on your Instagram story and tag us @theyardthun

Spread the word!
Support the artists

Piece done by:
Mr. Wiggles –Rock Steady Crew / Electric Boogaloos
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.3 MB

next up:


-what we are

-what we represent

-what we stand for